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Child Trust Fund

We believe it's vital for every child to have the best possible start in life and that the financial support a Child Trust Fund (CTF) can provide when they reach 18 goes a long way to help achieve their goals.

While our Child Trust Fund is no longer open to new applications, if you have a CTF account with another provider, you can still transfer the account to us.

What is a Child Trust Fund?

Introduced as a Government saving scheme CTFs were intended to provide a child with a tax-free lump sum at the start of their adult life. The scheme was withdrawn in 2011.

The Government has announced that it is now possible to transfer CTFs into Junior ISA accounts. As an award winning provider of both products we welcome the opportunity for parents to make a choice.

Your child's CTF is in good hands

How does it work?

Although the Child Trust Fund scheme has been withdrawn, our CTF continues to run as normal and we remain committed to providing a high level of service until your child reaches age 18. You can invest from as little as £10 a month.

Any payment made into the account is a gift to the child. No one can access it except the child, and only from their 18th birthday – so you can be sure the money’s available when they really need it.

Good potential for growth

We invest in stocks and shares because we believe this is the best way to grow the investment. Then around the child's 15th birthday we start moving the investment away from shares and into lower risk investments like cash – this is called lifestyling.

Of course, while invested, its value can fall as well as rise so your child could get back less than is paid in.

Anyone can contribute

Anyone can make a payment into the child’s CTF account – parents, grandparents, family and friends – and can contribute up to a combined total of £4,080 each account year.

The CTF aims to provide the child with a lump sum at the start of their adult life which they can use towards anything – driving lessons, university or perhaps a deposit on a home.

Why choose our Child Trust Fund?

Great service – it’s easy to transfer from other providers and we do not charge a fee for transferring the account.

Easy to manage – 24/7 online account management and a friendly UK call centre makes managing your child’s CTF simple and convenient.

Tax-efficient – proceeds are free of income and capital gains tax, but remember the tax treatment of the CTF depends on individual circumstances and may change in the future.

Transferring a Child Trust Fund to us

You can transfer a Child Trust Fund with another provider into our CTF or Junior ISA. Whichever you choose, transferring your child's account is simple and we won't charge you for the transfer.

How to transfer your account

Questions and Answers About Child Trust Fund Transfers

  • Is Family Investments still accepting Child Trust Fund transfers?

  • My child already has a Child Trust Fund. Can I also open a Junior ISA in their name?

    • Your child cannot have both a Child Trust Fund and a Junior ISA. However, you can transfer the funds in a Child Trust Fund account to open the Junior ISA. To do this, you need to transfer the whole amount from the Child Trust Fund to a Junior ISA, and the Child Trust Fund account will be closed.

      To transfer a Child Trust Fund, you must be the Registered Contact on the account. Before making a decision to transfer, you should check if the current Child Trust Fund provider will charge a fee.

  • I have an existing Child Trust Fund with Family Investments. Will it still be looked after?

    • Family Investments remain committed to managing existing Child Trust Fund accounts, and continuing to provide the same service that helped us win the Moneyfacts award for Best Child Trust Fund Provider in 2010 and 2011.

      Committed to Child Trust Funds »

Why choose Family Investments?

Trusted – we've provided Child Trust Funds for high street names such as Barclays and the Post Office.

Experienced – we’re the UK’s favourite CTF provider with over 1.3 million accounts.

Award-winning – winner of the Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts award for Best Child Trust Fund provider 2011.

Working for you – many people have lost trust in financial institutions, but we're different. As a mutual, we're run for the benefit of our customers, not the benefit of shareholders.

Next steps

If you have a Child Trust Fund or Junior ISA with another provider that you'd like to transfer to Family, or you'd like to transfer your Family Child Trust Fund to our Junior ISA, you can download a transfer form today.

Child Trust Fund Transfers

If you're an existing customer, you can register to manage your account online.

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It's quick and easy to make a payment into a Child Trust Fund