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About Family Investments

Serving our customers and our communities

In today's modern world Family Investments is proud to be mutual.

As a mutual society we are owned by our customers and not shareholders which means we can listen to our customer’s views, understand their needs and work together towards building a better financial future.

Our opportunity

In recent years financial services have struggled with the issue of trust but as a mutual we're in a great place to be able to build that trust back. Without shareholder’s dividends to pay, the profits we make are fed back into the business so we can invest in our systems and our people to deliver benefits for our customers.

Our strategy

Our aim is to build an enduring business, and ensure our capability to deliver is a reality, by ensuring our efficiency we can reinvest our profits and diversify our product range as our customers grow. We listen to their feedback and can continue to develop new products and services that address the more complex needs of families as they pass through various life-stages, in essence we are building a truly modern mutual.

Our recent announcement regarding our proposal to merge with Engage Mutual is a truly exciting opportunity. It will combine the expertise and product strengths of both organisations and ensure we can deliver an enhanced range of solutions for our member’s current and future needs at key life-stages.

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Our performance

Our performance in the last twelve months is another key milestone in our promise, our profits grew by 83% in 2013, our best year ever. We now have nearly 2 million customers holding policies with us which takes our funds under management to over £5 billion* plus we have stronger reserves than ever before.

At the same time we have increased our commitment to improving our service to our customers and our members are now benefitting from an improved service proposition with the launch of secure messaging and a slick debit card functionality.

Our members remain central to everything that we do and as we start to realise greater profits in our business we can share our profits in sensible and meaningful ways for our members and do more to invest significantly in wider society. We are making exciting plans for our future which will benefit our members and I’m looking forward to being able to announce details very soon.


"We listen to our customers to develop new products and services that address the more complex needs of families as they pass through various

Simon Markey, Chief Executive Officer

Our values

The events of recent years have dented people’s trust in financial services. At Family Investments, we must stand apart from the actions and practices that have damaged the industry’s reputation.

To do this, it is essential that we continue to listen to our customers and staff. And we must ensure that we act with honesty and integrity at all times, and that everything we do builds trust and respect.

Our values are our guiding principles as we strive to achieve this. They express who we are and how we work.

 Trust We build trust by doing what we say we will.
 Respect We respect the individuality and diversity of our customers and colleagues.
 Honesty We communicate in a spirit of openness and honesty.
 Integrity We make sure our actions are consistent with our principles.
 Responsibility We take responsibility for our customers, and strive to exceed their expectations.

Our awards

Our success has been recognised across the financial services sector. We are included in the London Stock Exchange’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’. And we have won a number of industry awards, including:

* Figures as at March 2014.


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